My son has been receiving OT services on a weekly basis from CIS. Miss Molly is my son’s OT therapist.

Myself and my son absolutely love Miss Molly! From the first session, she has connected with Ayden on a level no one outside his family has been able to. She has not only taught me so much in the four short weeks she has been working with Ayden, but the progress Ayden has made and the difference I see in him are all thanks to her. I feel like I can understand him and his needs better, and he, in turn, understands that and is working just as hard to communicate verbally. He is excited to see her every week and she seems just as happy to see him as well.

Bottom line, Miss Molly cares. And it shows in everything she does. Ayden is my third child and my first experience with needing early intervention services. This has all been a learning experience for me, and as I walked into the early stages, I was nervous. I am no longer nervous. Miss Molly listens to what I have to say. She explains everything in such an easy way that I am able to understand and she has never made me feel “stupid” for not knowing something or asking about something I didn’t understand. I honestly can’t sing her praises enough.

Every single step of progress Ayden has made in the last four to five weeks are because of Miss Molly. The deeper bond he and I share now is because of Miss Molly. The hope that I now feel for my son’s future (and the possibility that I might hear him say “Mommy” one day) is because of Miss Molly.

Every child who needs a little extra help in the early developmental stage of life deserves to have a Miss Molly in their corner. She is truly changing lives and I thank my lucky stars every day that she was assigned to Ayden’s case.

Miss Molly is an asset to your organization and any client would be lucky to work with her. My only wish is that she could continue to be his OT therapist after his third birthday!

-Ashley A